Is it good to have a credit card?

Now women are increasingly independent and that independence also reaches our portfolio. Many of us work and generate our own money.
Has it happened to them that they go to the supermarket and offer them credit cards? It happens to me all the time. If it is not from a bank, they offer you the credit card of the department store but there is always someone wanting to process one and, of course, they expect you to use it and buy with it.

Having a credit card is good, even recommended. Maybe having two credit cards is also helpful, but having more can be a conflict if you are not very strict and orderly with them.
I share some points that you have to consider if you want to buy a credit card.


Identify your needs

Identify your needs

Ask yourself why you want a credit card. You might want to make all your purchases and then make a single monthly payment of what you consumed. It may be that you travel a lot and that the flexibility of using it anywhere in the world without loading cash works for you very well. You might just want to have it if you have an emergency and do not use it the rest of the time.
Answering the question of what you want it for is going to tell you what type of credit card you should apply for.


Compare options

Compare options

There is a lot of credit card offer, the big banks have two or three that have different commissions and different benefits. There are those that give you points, those that do not charge you an annuity, those that add you traveler miles, those that contribute to a charitable institution. There are even those of soccer teams and those of department stores backed by banks.
Do not accept any credit card. On the internet, in the pages of the banks and in the pages of the defense of users of financial services there is detailed information of what it costs you to have a card and of the benefits that you can obtain from it.


Use it with awareness

credit card

You have to be very clear that the credit card is not extra money that you have available, it is money that they are lending you and that you have to pay back. Almost all cards have a period of 50 days to pay what you have used and that loan always has a cost that you have to pay. You have to be very attentive and ready not to spend more money than you can afford.

Consider that the credit card can be your best friend or your worst enemy. You can buy something, such as a refrigerator or a television and make gradual payments but taking into account that you will always get more expensive than the original price, for the interests and commissions that your bank charges you. But it may be a good option to do so if you consider the costs because otherwise it would be more complicated and time consuming to acquire that good. Now, if you use the cards indiscriminately and for everything you want along the way it can become a very powerful ballast. Think well before paying with credit.

It is good to have a credit card if you use it responsibly. It will help you create a good credit history and if in a few years you want to acquire something bigger like a car or a house, having a good credit history thanks to the good use of a credit card can help you.