Amazon’s best-selling flannel shirt for women is just $ 16

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Whether it’s a crisp white t-shirt that stands up to washing and wear or the perfect pair of pants from the office to happy hour, it’s ironically looking for some of the most basic pieces in our closet that may take the longest time to find. Take the flannel shirt, for example.

It’s as synonymous with fall as it is pumpkin spice, but finding a style that fits comfortably and hits the right places is a struggle that many buyers are all too familiar with – but that doesn’t mean it’s not over there. And if you ask Amazon buyers, it’s as easy as adding the Match Long Sleeve Flannel Check Shirt to your shopping cart.

Buy it! Match Long Sleeve Flannel Plaid Shirt in Blue, $ 15.99 to $ 21.99;

Indeed, the flannel has over 7,200 sparkling notes left by customers who added it to their fall wardrobe and love the way it checks their boxes for style and fit. “I’m really picky about flannels which are just the right amount of flattering and not too masculine or boxy,” a client said. “This one is perfect… I’m going to order another one from those bad boys.”

Not only is the popular flannel made entirely from breathable cotton, it’s also machine washable for low maintenance. As for the design elements, the buttoning features a slim fit that can easily be paired with leggings, jeans or even to be tucked into a skirt, as some customers have styled it. In addition, it is available in an assortment of 33 colors and patterns.

“I could wear this shirt every day,” another reviewer said. “I live in Alaska and the weight of the flannel is perfect for the chilly fall mornings we have now. If I warm up around mid-afternoon I can just unbutton it as I’m always wearing a swimsuit. of body anyway. The material is super soft and very comfortable. ”

Skip the search process and head to this quintessential fall fashion favorite that has earned the seal of approval from Amazon buyers.

Buy it! Match Long Sleeve Flannel Plaid Shirt in Red, $ 15.99 to $ 21.99;

Buy it! Matching Long Sleeve Flannel Plaid Shirt in White, $ 15.99 to $ 21.99;