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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

July 27, 2016

As DefenseReview (DR) scanned the floor at SOFIC (Special Operations Forces Industry Conference) 2016 we stumbled across a blue lo-pro / lo-vis (low profile / low visibility) plaid flannel tactical shirt on a mannequin at the TSSI booth that we really liked called the 5.11 Flannel shirt, Color: Vaillant, Style 72429-716. This is a very nice tactical lo-pro / lo-vis (low profile / low visibility) flannel tactical work shirt that has been optimized for concealed carry (CCW) and travel with its unique ‘RAPIDraw ™ Breaking Placket for Quick access to a 5.11 Holster Shirt ™ or traditional “and” 5.11 Hidden Document Pockets® “shoulder holster.

Regardless, the 5.11 Tactical flannel shirt The Valiant Blue Plaid Long Sleeve Work Shirt features a bold flannel pattern in a medium blue white, gray, and yellow color scheme that is really crisp and looks very well done. This is truly one of the nicest CCW DR shirts seen so far, and deserves a very serious look by anyone looking for a shirt of this type. We REALLY dig it.

Defense Review will try to find out more about the 5.11 Flannel shirt “RAPIDraw little snap placket” and Snapwell® faux button snaps, and we’re going to try and get one for T&E as well. In the meantime, enjoy the photos.

The following information for the 5.11 Flannel Shirt is taken straight from the 5.11 Tactical website:

“Style # 72429


$ 69.99

Color: Valiant (716)
Fig (560) Ox’s Blood (469) Sapphire (756) Thunderstorm (092) Villant (716) Volcanic (098)

Cut: See the size and fit chart
S, M, L, XL, XXL

Available in six colors, the 5.11® Men’s Flannel Shirt combines a relaxed, comfortable style with secret tactical features that give you the edge. Made from 100% cotton yarn flannel for cool, breathable comfort in any climate, the men’s flannel shirt features traditional 5.11 Hidden Document Pockets® on the chest for secure and discreet storage, carrying details and our unique RAPIDraw ™ snap tab for quick access to a 5.11 Holster Shirt ™ or traditional shoulder holster.

– Relaxed comfort, tactical utility
– Hidden 5.11® document pockets on the chest
– RAPIDraw ™ snap tab
– Two patch pockets on the chest

– Breathable 4.5 oz. cotton yarn flannel
– Concealed transport details
– Inside pocket in polyester mesh
– Snapwell® false snaps »

Company details :

5.11 Tactics
Toll free: 866-451-1726

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All (DR) embedded photos and videos were taken with a Apple iphone Camera / video for smartphone 6s Plus.

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