California Cowboy High Sierra: the best flannel shirt for men

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As an outdoor writer, flannel shirts have long played a part in my wardrobe, especially in the fall when they become my go-to jacket. After all, nothing beats the warm, soft embrace of this predominantly plaid fabric on cooler mornings and evenings. And you don’t have to be a lumberjack or an urban hipster to appreciate this menswear staple, which is suitable for almost everyone. But I thought I had a solid collection of flannel shirts until I found out about the California Cowboy High Sierra, who claims he “hugs you like a unicorn”. While I can’t attest to that, I can easily say that this should probably be your new favorite flannel shirt. Here’s why.


I was intrigued from the first moment I saw the High Sierra on the brand’s website. Yes, its main selling point is the luxury Portuguese flannel exterior, but the shirt also comes with plenty of thoughtful details that justify a hard-earned place in your closet. It’s lined with an exclusive thermal fabric that really looks like a unicorn hug (if that was possible). And for all your afternoon activities, the shirt comes with a water-resistant dry pocket to securely store your phone and a bottle pocket for your bevies, keys, and other small items. In cold weather, the shirt comes with a hidden glove loop to store your mittens. There is also a sunglasses buckle to help secure your nuances. Simply put, this shirt is comfortable and functional.


The High Sierra features a slim fit. I usually wear large, long-sleeved shirts, but I went for a size up to XL for a more comfortable fit, and it still fits a t-shirt or underwear for extra warmth.

Californian cowboy shirt

How to wear it

I am currently wearing my High Sierra with shorts and sandals as long as the weather permits. But once the temperatures drop even more, they’re perfect to wear with dark jeans and a sturdy pair of dress boots. And while you can tuck in the shirt, it’s designed to be worn un-tucked so you have easy access to your bottle pocket, water-resistant tech storage, and glove loop for quick deployment.


The High Sierra costs $ 148, which is a bit more expensive than flannel offerings from top brands like LL Bean and Everlane, but the premium fabrics and quality amenities more than justify the price. Furthermore, IIt’s a shirt and a jacket, so you get two products for the price of one. And while you can easily get a budget flannel shirt, isn’t the reinforced bottle pocket enough of an incentive to splurge?

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