Daniel Lee’s Bottega Veneta FW20 saw classic menswear reinvented

Bottega Veneta FW20 saw Creative Director Daniel Lee present a rigorously edited collection of high classics and reimagined silhouettes. The look was slim and sleek with an emphasis on high waisted pants with hem slits that flared tastefully over chunky boots. Classic jackets, sweaters and cardigans were cut high at the waist, further accentuating the slender figure. A peek-a-boo crochet shirt and iteration of the tuxedo belt punctuated the otherwise minimal collection. Mesh layered wool and leather trench coats have anchored the collection with their portability and flexibility, cornerstones of any well-rounded wardrobe and reliable pieces that will stand the test of time.

Bottega’s signature weave, the Intercciato, appeared on soft pouches that accompanied many looks, almost mellow in their appearance, contrasting with the harsh symmetry of the looks. Lee took weaving to the extreme with a puffy version seen on a sand-colored quilted sleeveless coat, a look that marries practicality with the house codes. The color was present in the neon greens that accentuated the eyewear, shirt collars, as well as their new boots, which retain the chunky silhouette favored by Lee but were carefully designed to be fully biodegradable. If it was Lee looking to the future, he certainly intrigued us to see where he takes Bottega Veneta next.

See the latest collection here.

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