Five reasons why you should wear a flannel shirt to work this Friday

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First it was relaxed Fridays. Then it’s the tech moguls clad in t-shirts and hoodies. And now, Marmot is ushering in a new era of workwear with technical flannel shirts that are as functional as they are stylish. For real. Here are five reasons why they are the perfect garment to start your weekend.

1. It shows you have style

Marmot’s new line of men’s flannels come in a variety of styles, from Andersonbright and daring patterns in Enfield‘s casual horizontal stripes. Women’s flannels are feature rich and have even more options, including hooded pieces like the Reagen, classic paneling updated on the Lani, and an insulated button-down jacket – a crowd favorite, the Riley.

2. A little flair goes a long way

All you have to do to figure out this little fashion tip is look at the seams on someone’s jeans. While overly embellished back pockets scream Jersey Shore, a touch of brighter yarn is sleek and stylish. The same rules apply for shirts and flannels like the Anderson (men) and Evelyne (women) have just the right amount of spice. The contrasting plaid inside the yoke, collar stand and button placket is barely noticeable at first, but sets them apart from an otherwise uniform sea of ​​tartan.

3. It’s like wearing a cloud, but with buttons and a collar

All Marmot flannels are made from an ultra soft blend of cotton and Coolmax polyester. But what really sets them apart are the flat seams and double-brushed fabric. Tip: Put one straight from the dryer or your overheated tent for maximum cloudy feel.

4. You can leave it all weekend

For some of you (you know who you are) this is probably the biggest sale. Marmot flannels aren’t just soft, they’re also made with Marmot’s technical Forge Flannel fabrics that wick away moisture almost as well as your favorite midlayer. Which means they pair just as well with sports pants as they do with jeans – and are perfect for everything from skiing and hiking to yoga and extreme bocce. You just have to change your stockings. Think about how much free time you will have.

5. You can win stuff!

Seriously. To participate, just wear your flannel shirt to work on Friday – bonus points if it’s a Marmot flannel! Do you feel sociable? Share your best Friday flannel photos with the hashtag #FlannelFridays and tag @Marmot for a chance to win free material!

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