If you don’t own a flannel shirt, are you really a mountain biker? |

There’s no denying that flannel shirts are a staple in any mountain biker wardrobe. Some might say that they are our uniform, or even a gown of honor, worn to let others know that we are in the great outdoors. Fashion proof in the sense that they are (and always will be) a perfectly acceptable item to wear for almost any occasion, and an investment in the fact that they are so versatile. What other clothing could you wear on the trails one day and to a date the next?

Nowadays, flannel shirts are more than just a plaid fabric shirt. There are windproof, water-resistant, fleece-lined, technical and even reflective shirts. So why not update your wardrobe or that of a loved one with some mountain biking specific items.

Alpinestars Andres Tech Shirt

Bold colors of Alpinestars

This strong look is brought to us by Alpinestars. A bold color palette with a generous amount of features to make you feel like a trail god, constructed from a cotton and polyester flannel with a soft touch finish. The shirt has a windproof inner layer on the chest and shoulders, and is designed for riding due to the curved cut of the sleeves.

flannel shirt alpinestars andres tech plaid shirt ax red shirt
It’s supposed to hold a torch. Who is this guy?

There is a projector mount, or in the case of our model, the ax hook, and the elbows are finished with an anti-abrasion print for durability.

Stealth back pocket

On the back, there’s a good-sized zip pocket with a water-resistant lining, and something that may seem like a small detail but is actually a huge selling point are the snaps on the cuffs. . Instead of a button closure, a simple snap button is much easier to close, especially with cold hands or riding gloves.

Fox Traildust Flannel Shirt

flannel shirt traildust fox plaid shirt
Loose fit for more comfort

This modest flannel is one of Fox’s many options. Subtle colors and a relaxed fit, this cotton shirt is great for rolling around while it’s not raining.

flannel shirt traildust fox plaid shirt
Drop hem to prevent cold cracking on trails

Of all the shirts featured in this gift guide, the Fox Traildust is the one our model found the most comfortable while riding due to its oversized fit.

Fox Gorman 2.0 overshirt

flannel shirt plaid shirt fox gorman overshirt
The desperate look that just lost your favorite shovel.

Another from Fox, the Gorman Overshirt is at the top of the flannel shirt budget. With a lightweight thermal lining, you can feel the extra protection from the cold.

flannel shirt plaid shirt fox gorman overshirt
‘Stupid shovel. At least I’m hot.

Available in navy blue and burgundy (pictured), both feature a strong Fox branding on the chest with a large logo patch and a heat transferred logo on the collar as well.

flannel shirt gorman fox plaid shirt ax throwing overshirt
Ax throwing? He’s really in the mood.

This shirt is perfectly fitted, just loose enough to comfortably hold pads or a bulletproof vest, and the fabric is extremely durable. Over the winter our trail building model lived in this shirt, and it comes out of the wash like new every time.

Endura Hummvee Jacket

Endura Flannel Shirt Hummvee Shacket Plaid Shirt
Windproof outer shell.

Endura gave us the answer to a problem we all hope to have. Sudden bike rides! The kind of unexpected ride, with what you wear. The Hummvee Shacket is a reversible flannel shirt / jacket. The side of the jacket offers wind protection, an easy snap button closure and secret pockets on the chest and hips.

Endura Flannel Shirt Hummvee Shacket Plaid Shirt
Reversible flannel shirt option.

The flannel shirt side is perfect for casual outfits, and you can go for the day knowing you have a jacket with you.

Endura Flannel Shirt Hummvee Shacket Plaid Shirt
Secret pocket.

The fit of this jacket is very flattering, wide enough at the top to be comfortable on a ride, but snug enough to look chic afterwards.

Dickies Sacramento Shirt

  • Price: £ 50.00
  • Of: Canoe
Dickies Sacramento Shirt Flannel Check Shirt
Ross isn’t allowed to have an ax, so he’s pretending.

There are twelve color options for this shirt. TWELVE! Made from 100% cotton and cut in a regular fit, this t-shirt is suitable for riding, trail building, or just as a casual outfit. It is very soft to the touch, has two generous chest pockets and has a small Dickies logo on the chest.

Reef Ice Dip 3 Shirt

  • Price: £ 60.00
  • Of: Canoe
Reef Ice Dip 3 Shirt Flannel Plaid Shirt
James doesn’t need an ax, he cuts wood with his bare hands.

If you want a shirt that exudes quality and makes you feel like a cuddly lumberjack, this is the one for you. Made with thick, pre-washed flannel material for extra softness, this shirt is extra chunky and warm with a super soft finish.

Reef Ice Dip 3 Shirt Flannel Plaid Shirt
Thick and dyed yarn.

While it doesn’t offer any technical features like a fleece lining, water-resistant finish, or even a dropped hem at the back, it would make a great over-shirt after a ride to keep you warm.

Troy Lee Designs Grind Flannel Shirt

Plaid Shirt Troy Lee Designs Grind Flannel Shirt
This shirt is… interesting.

Troy Lee offers a high tech flannel shirt option. This is actually a long sleeve jersey disguised as a flannel shirt, with a snap front closure with good overlap to keep the breeze out.

Troy Lee Designs Grind Flannel Shirt
Resistant to light rain and tire splash.

Water resistant stretch fabric is made of nylon and spandex for ultimate comfort on the bike. It is a very breathable alternative to some waterproof or water resistant jerseys.

Troy Lee Designs Grind Flannel Shirt
No, I won’t take anything out of your pocket, Mark.

There is a good size back pocket and a breast pocket closed with a button. Available in three color options and available exclusively at Saddleback, you cannot buy it in store.

Alpkit Woodsmoke Women’s Shirt

Alpkit Woodsmoke Women's Shirt Flannel Check Shirt
Match your clothes with your hair.

Alpkit’s Woodsmoke Shirt is our first specific shirt for women. The highly absorbent, quick-drying, odor-resistant fabric is perfect for almost any outdoor activity and the snaps make it easy to put on quickly. It should be mentioned that Amanda has been wearing this shirt for several months and tends to have it on her at all times. It’s great to put on as an extra layer, it’s a good riding shirt, and it’s super comfortable for sleeping while camping.

Dakine Noella Women’s Shirt

Dakine Noella Women's Shirt Flannel Plaid Shirt
Match ALL your clothes with your hair.

Finally, we have the Noella shirt from Dakine. Made with a stretch yarn featuring odor control technology, it’s soft and warm with just enough stretch and waterproof to do more than look great. The shirt has two front pockets, rubber buttons and a hanger on the back. The size is quite generous on this shirt, so if you want a more flattering / fitted look you may want to consider reducing the size.

So now that you are all equipped, you might want to grab some trail tools and dig in?

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