Kanye West’s Flannel Shirt Looks: His 7 Best Outfits

Kanye West seems to have built a good relationship with flannel over the years. While many don’t see him as a fashion staple, West’s decisions to incorporate unorthodox pieces into his wardrobe ultimately gave us the Look at the throne leather kilt and the infamous Alain Mikli shutter blinds featured in “Stronger”. With flannel seemingly his latest style, West’s imprint on the fashion industry can be traced long before YEEZY arrived.

Come back to Dropout from college days, the former “backpack rapper” dared to pair a pink Ralph Lauren polo shirt with an all-white Louis Vuitton backpack spewing a hot 16. fairly neutral in comparison, though, have undoubtedly had an impact on streetwear as we know it. And where could flannel fit into all of this, you might ask?

It’s no secret that haute couture was inspired by subcultures. With the Seattle-based ’90s grunge look becoming a major influence in recent years – oversized sweaters, distressed clothing and of course, flannel quickly became a luxury item. Once associated with blue collar brands like Carhartt and figures like Kurt Cobain, flannel’s entry into haute couture can now be seen among Fear of God, OFF-WHITE and Balenciaga.

Not the type to miss a major key, check out West’s Flannel below and let Pablo’s life the rapper gives you some style tips to stay ahead of the game this winter.

Black box logo

First up, West’s simple Supreme look. Here the rapper can be seen flexing a dark green Faith Connexion flannel with a #rare Supreme box logo t-shirt. While the image in question doesn’t scream “trendy”, sometimes a subtle flex is the best flex.

It is not the exact one but it is similar:

Cop an affordable version below:

Life at the gym

While the gym might not be a favorite pastime, Kanye can be seen here with his personal trailer wearing the same Faith Connexion flannel jacket, this time adding a spark of color to an all-black ensemble. .

Unfortunately, not everyone’s gym looks can consist of an Anti Social Social Club hoodie, YEEZY Season 1 sweatpants and adidas Ultra Boost 1.0, but if you already have all of these pieces or equivalents, Why not try ?

Once again, YEEZY version and Topman version.

Sunny in Calabasas

Keeping cool in the Calabasas sun, West is a perfect indication that flannel can double as a light jacket. This time, keeping the base of her gray outfit, West is swapping her Faith Connexion piece for a dark blue flannel Rich Kids Deprime Plaid Shirt, which currently sells for around $ 600 on the resale market.

Ok it’s not exactly the same but it’s also ERD + thick wool:

Free JO

By stepping up his “form game” when shopping, West manages to take the casual to a whole new level of steezy. While his adidas Calabasas cap and Gosha Rubchinskiy sweatshirts complement each other, West’s blue and burnt orange Balenciaga flannel piece, which loosely covers his “Free OJ” t-shirt, cements the look.

The color is a bit off, but the fit is there:

Cop an affordable version of Rothco below:

Adapted and started

As mentioned before, you can’t go wrong with keeping things subtle. In the photo above with wife Kim, West makes sure her YEEZY Powerphase Pancakes not only match his wife’s dress, but her Balenciaga flannel piece shines as well. For those looking to purchase the luxury item, be prepared to donate $ 1,150.

Here is that affordable version again.

Feel blue

Turning the flannel game over, West goes for a brighter look in this next cut. Pulling on a bright blue quilted Balenciaga flannel, the look remains cheerful, with a white hoodie layered over teal Calabasas sweatpants. West makes sure to maintain brand loyalty by wearing a white pair of YEEZY Powerphase Calabasas.

If you want to shell out big bucks for the real deal:

Oversized checked flannel shirt


In a different color but Balenciaga anyway:

And, of course, a version of Dickie that we mere mortals can afford:

Back to work

While many of us dread going to work at 9am after a full weekend, picking up a page from West’s book might make the day a little more bearable. Very comfortable in his Balenciaga flannel pea coat and YEEZY Season 5 military boots, Mondays have never been so bright and better.

Let us know in the comments which is your favorite cut and if you are going to rock the flannel during this cruel winter.

Pick up the real Balenciaga here or the very affordable version of Dickie’s here.

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