The fashion history of the plaid flannel shirt

The sheer comfort of a flannel shirt cannot be understated in the WFH clothing hierarchy. “The line between work and leisure is increasingly blurred: versatile indoor-outdoor items, of a timeless quality and sufficiently ‘presentable’ for business meetings while maintaining comfort,” emphasizes Maggioni. Much like other hard-wearing materials such as denim and leather, the more a flannel shirt is worn and washed, the better – softer, more comforting – it becomes. (By the way, here is where the failure of the 2010 era of the plaid shirt lies: as normcore became mainstream and alternative fashion became ubiquitous, flannel grew from a hipster tribute. to a heirloom to every Topman and H&M workshop on Main Street The silhouette became more fitted, the colors more saturated and the plaid button became synonymous with stylish shirts for a boys’ night out in Oceana, losing its indifference and its counter-cultural appeal.) In fact, it’s one of the best items to buy second-hand, so of course it’s being revisited at a time when sustainability is a huge priority. It’s also affordable – a key factor in an article’s appeal, especially amid growing financial concerns – and, having eliminated all gender connotations, it’s an article that works, literally, for everyone. world.

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