The High Sierra flannel shirt is more than just flannel

For a brand called Californian cowboy, I expected more, I don’t know, western stuff. But instead, the brand has optimized its offerings to be a one-stop-shop for shirts and layers that do more. And that’s how I found the ultimate flannel shirt.

The High Sierra Shirt is not a flannel. Okay it is, but it’s so much more than that. It really is an overshirt and a layering piece together. The flannel layer is made from a luxurious flannel from Portugal. Added to that is a thermal cotton lining that reminds me of the long underpants my mom forced me to wear when I was still trying (unsuccessfully) to enjoy skiing.

There are a few extra components to this shirt that make it so much more than just a really soft flannel. There is a reinforced bottle pocket to keep your drink close at hand but not in your hands. There is a water resistant dry pocket so you can keep your phone or wallet safe when you are on the go in snowy weather. There’s even a sunglasses loop in the button placket (you know, that piece of fabric that the buttons are on) so you can easily tuck your sunglasses in. They have thought of everything!

I really thought I was past my flannel phase in college, but this shirt proved me wrong. This is what I want to wear over a t-shirt for an extra layer or a pair with leggings when I really don’t want to dress.

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