Twitter reacts to Aaron Rodgers’ return to Green Bay, ‘Office’ shirt

What drama?

After an off-season of will he or will he not show up, Aaron Rodgers returns to Green Bay for the start of training camp looking relaxed and as if he had just stepped off the beach.

The three-time MVP arrived wearing flip flops, stylish shades, his hair in a bun and a t-shirt inspired by “The Office” that gets everyone talking.

Here’s how social media reacted to the star quarterback’s arrival to start his 17th season after months of fans wondering if they would see No.12 in a Packers uniform again.

By the time he arrived.

Or was that how he got to Green Bay?

How his entry would play out in a WWE environment.

And you? Was that your reaction to seeing # 12?

Or was that more what you were feeling?

We know how those of the NFC North reacted.

After all this time away, there were probably a few introductions to be made. Hi, I’m Aaron.

OK, it’s time to talk about this shirt.

From the man himself who is featured in this classic shirt.

We knew we had seen this shirt before.

Vegas, of course, weighed in.

And his former trainer too.

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