Women’s Free Swingin ‘Duluth Flannel Shirt

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Women’s Free Swingin ‘Flannel

Well, it’s flannel season (at least in Michigan), and Duluth Trading Company is helping to celebrate the arrival of the fall and winter seasons with the promotion of its range of flannel options for men and women. The brand recently sent me a test for ActionHub, and as a big fan of flannel, I was pumped.

I think it’s safe to say that I developed my love for flannel thanks to my dad, who wears the same uniform of work boots, worn jeans, a white t-shirt and a flannel. for over 25 years. He works in construction, so this outfit makes sense, but he was thrilled to hear that flannel is ‘super trendy right now’ and then took all the credit for the current fashion statement.

I wore the Women’s Free Swingin ‘Flannel Shirt in Classic Red Plaid for a little over a month, and you can tell I’ve found a new must-have in my wardrobe. Can’t say this is something I wore on a hike, but it fits more with the outdoor clothing category, although I’m sure it would do the trick on the trail as well. It’s a mid-weight flannel that will keep you warm on balmy fall days, but isn’t as heavy as flannels which tend to work as a jacket more than a shirt.

The first time I wore it I noticed how well it looked. The shirt is a bit wide, but was still structured enough to show that it was obviously a ladies shirt rather than an item I had purchased from the men’s clothing section. I ordered a medium, but a small one would have worked a little better. Try to keep this in mind if you are considering a purchase.

Although it is more structured than the flannels I have worn in the past, the shirt is labeled as a “relaxed fit” and I have found it easy to move around in the shirt – roll up the sleeves n ‘posed no problem. The shirt is made from 100% cotton flannel and features hidden gussets under the arms, as well as a double leaf back for unrestricted reach. It is machine wash, and the shirt was still in perfect condition after three or four washes. I also noticed that it didn’t really crease – despite leaving a load of laundry in the dryer too long and my other clothes needing to be ironed, the flannel was wrinkle-resistant. This feature was one of the best, as it’s great for those of us who are short on time or just a little lazy.

At $ 44.50, this shirt comes at a great price, making it an easy gift for a loved one over the holidays this year. There are checkered options that vary in color and pattern, with Duluth also offering the Double-breasted flannel shirt (additional moisture wicking functions), the Cross-cut flannel tunic (a little more dressed), the Armachillo Long Sleeve Check Shirt (lightweight, moisture wicking), and finally the Flapjack Flannel Jac Shirt (a heavier flannel option).

Now the only thing for me to do is buy it in more colors.

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